Rules & Regulations


Group A
Powai Panthers
Abhitech Smashers
FT Cash
Wolf Gang
Group B
SSR Masters
Baddy Smashers
Shuttle Smashers
Few Bad Men

League Stages

  • Each group will consist of 4 teams each.
  • League stages will comprise of round robin within each group i.e. 3 ties per team.
  • Winning each tie will give a team 2 points.
  • Each tie in league stage will be best of 9 matches.
  • 2nd and 7th match in each tie will be a mixed doubles match.
  • No player is allowed to play twice in the first 4 matches of a tie.
  • Winning both the mixed doubles matches in a particular tie will give the team 1 additional point.
  • 5th match in each tie will be a "Super Match" wherein it is mandatory for teams to pair only those players who are playing 3 matches in that particular tie.
  • Only two players from each team are allowed to play 3 matches.
  • In the league stages, matches will be one game of 21 points (without extension)
  • Initially, teams will have to submit tie only for the first 4 matches. After the 4th match is over, all teams will be given 2 minutes (strategy break): to decide and submit the tie for the remaining 5 matches.


  • Top 4 teams i.e. top 2 from each group will qualify for playoffs.
  • Incase, multiple teams have same points after the league stages, then the total no. of matches they have won overall in the league stages will be considered as the basis of selection. If incase no. of wins are also equal then the no. of points earned will be taken into consideration.
  • Top 4 teams qualifying for the playoffs will be selected on the basis of ties won and will be positioned accordingly for the playoffs.
  • All Playoff matches will be best of 5 with 3rd match a mixed doubles.
  • If a team wins a tie before completing all 5 matches (for e.g. 3-0, 3-1) then that particular team will be declared winner immediately and remaining matches will not be played.
  • Playoff matches till the finals will be one game of 21 points.
  • Finals will be 15 points best of 3 games only if time permits. (else will be one game of 21 points as played in league stages & playoffs)

Rules & Regulations

  • Teams will have to submit tie sheets to the referee 15 minutes before every match. Once tie sheets are submitted, teams wont be given any chance of changing or modifying the tie.
  • Teams should report 30 minutes prior to their scheduled match time.
  • All the league matches will be finished by 11:30 am on day 2.
  • There will be a 60 minutes break between league stages & the playoffs.
  • There will be a 45 minutes break between Qualifier 2 & the Finals.
  • Teams are allowed to shuffle pairs for every tie.
  • Each court will have 1 chair umpire, 2 line judges and 1 service judge respectively.
  • All officials are registered State Level umpires and are regular at various District & State level tournaments.
  • A dedicated service judge will be allotted to both the courts to precisely monitor each & every service.
  • Incase of any disputes, the decision of the court officials will be considered final.
  • Incase of any injury teams wont be allowed any replacement and opponent team will be given a walkover.